Our Story

At Particle we are an energetic and passionate team, inspiring others to live a healthier and happier life. The way we do this is by educating people on the incredible health benefits of using cinnamon by providing healthy recipes and lifestyle tips. We source the highest quality cinnamon direct from the farmers in Sri Lanka and grind it fresh to order here in Melbourne.
Our cinnamon is ground slowly and carefully resulting in a raw and highly nutritional product. Cinnamon is high in Cinnamaldehyde an organic compound that gives it its flavour, smell and many health properties. We use a special grinder that keeps a consistent particle and only grind for short increments to prevent overheating. We use 100% Alba cinnamon for its great taste, nutritional value and health benefits.
We're based in Melbourne and offer Australia wide shipping
Our Cinnamon can be used as a 30-day health kick, a sugar detox, or to boost you’re general health and well being.
Alba Cinnamon can help you achieve your health goals by:
  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Reducing long term inflammation
  • Increasing your alertness, memory and cognitive development
  • Reducing blood sugar levels
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Boosting your energy levels
  • Fighting infection and repairing tissue damage to the body
  • Reducing levels of total cholesterol
  • Assisting with food digestion
  • Boosting your immunity
  • Reducing sugar cravings

Our Goals

Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to use more of natures healthiest and natural foods. We love working with Alba, it’s a variety of cinnamon that people are unfamiliar with. It is exciting for us because we get to excite others by showing them how amazing it smells and tastes.
We love hearing from health conscious cinnamon people, if you’re a cinnamon lover please feel free to email us at any time. And if you have any creative cinnamon recipes and would like them to be featured on our instagram, send them in and we will post you out a bag of Alba cinnamon… on us!
Our email is hello@particleco.com
Not all cinnamon is created equal.

Our History

Our Cinnamon story began around 2 years ago whilst we were working in Melbourne’s café scene. Zac and I were both obsessed with hospitality and health was becoming a huge part of our lives. We caught onto the Paleo way and instantly started reaping the benefits of eating clean and nourishing foods. We loved to experiment in the kitchen and behind the coffee machine after work, sometimes staying up all night researching the newest health trends and coffee brewing methods.
One day on our quest to make a homemade chai sprinkle we discovered online that there was a healthier variety of cinnamon that we both had never tried. Reading up on it was exciting, its health benefits were endless and the flavour sounded incredible. We knew it was something we had to find and after weeks of looking in supermarkets and health food stores we could only find cinnamon that tasted stale and didn’t match what we were reading about it. We finally got our hands on a small amount of Sri Lanka cinnamon and begun grinding it each night through a coffee grinder for the customers at Zac’s café. Zac was in his element educating and inspiring people to try out our new discovery of cinnamon. We sold out each day and the message quickly spread that we had the best cinnamon in town. It was fun while it lasted however instead of reordering we knew we had to find out more about the process and source it ourselves.
In December 2014 after travelling through Sri Lanka’s Jungles, villages and farms we finally found what we were looking for. A unique cinnamon with an unusual and distinctive flavour, a farm that supports the local community and a variety that is harvested early to increase the sweetness and quality.
We have finally launched Particle Cinnamon and are very excited for the good times to come.