Particle Cinnamon by The Green Counter

Last Wednesday was a momentous occasion for Ange and myself – we finally ventured down to the Particle Cinnamon Café to say hi to its creators, Zac and Cat! We’d been planning to go try out their gorgeous menu featuring their special cinnamon for so long, but our clashes with uni and work made it nearly impossible!

Finally, in the midst of our semester break, we jumped through our small window of opportunity to go together… and we were NOT disappointed by our trip to this small, hidden café. Small – yes – but overflowing with ingenuity and creativity by Particle Cinnamon’s Zac and Cat.

Okay, so what is Particle Cinnamon, you ask? And why were we so excited to visit this place, and try this cinnamon?
Firstly, if you know Ange and myself, you’d know that we already drown/smother almost everything we eat in cinnamon. Secondly, Zac and Cat travelled to Sri Lanka to source the highest grade of Alba Cinnamon to maximise the quality and health benefits of cinnamon. Alba (or ceylon) cinnamon is also known as the 'true' cinnamon, compared to 'cassia' cinnamon which is what is usually sold at the supermarkets. Alba cinnamon is more fragrant and is greater in quality than cassia. A whole separate post on the benefits of cinnamon and its different types will be up soon! 

Walking into the cafe, we were greeted by Zac who was happily making coffee behind the machine and talking to the customers inside. Zac has such a bright and zealous attitude, we had a conversation for over 20 minutes and nearly forgot why we were there in the first place... to try out their stunning menu! Seriously, this cafe made up for its lovely little interior in every way possible - its vibes, warmth, friendliness, service and ENDLESS FOOD OPTIONS.
Ange and I may have killed another 20 minutes just deciding what on earth we should eat! It was a cold day and I felt like something hot and hearty, but they also had an acai bowl on offer that was almost impossible to refuse. So... we got both a hot and cold dish to share. You would not believe the endless array of colours, textures and flavours found in these two dishes that we tried. Speechless.

We had the Acai & Kakadu Plum Smoothie Bowl as well as the Golden Mylk Porridge. Both were topped with seasonal fruit, house-made dehydrated oranges and home-grown edible flowers by Cat herself!

After devouring our plates (we smashed out an extra bowl of Paleo Granola on the side) and tried out their two different blends of chai tea, we got lost in conversation with Zac and Cat for another half hour.

It was deeply humbling to meet this couple who were so driven and passionate about what they do. That is what touched Ange and myself the most - not just the goal of offering a quality product to people which reaps a heap of health benefits, but putting so much of their own life and energy into the things that they create.

Not only do Zac and Cat involve themselves in the process of sourcing and creating their product, but they are the friendly faces who make the daily coffee, blend up the nourishing smoothie bowls, grow the beautiful edible flowers and create the indulgent raw desserts in the front window. They had such an incredible energy and their eyes lit up with everything that they talked about. We could go on about this incredible couple for days, but the best thing is knowing that if you were to walk into their cafe, you are sure to be greeted by Zac at the front and served some spectacular food made by Cat. We promise that you will leave this place with just a touch more cinnamon sweetness in your life. 

Oh, and do not forget to leave without grabbing a sweet treat for the road home. You'll be making a mistake by passing up some raw desserts like this Mint Matcha Chocolate Slice, Ferrero Rocher Cake or Lemon and Macadamia Donut. Heavy breathing.

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