Spice up your life with cinnamon at Particle 

A huge thank you goes out to Sue Hewitt for spending the day with us and writing this article! We had so much fun! 

Cinnamon has come out of the cupboard as the new way to spice up your life, and a new Melbourne cafe is leading the way in using cinnamon to sweeten its coffees, hot-chocolates, and other beverages and cakes.

Zac Balmain sold his Brighton cafe, Balmains, and together with partner Cat Lethbridge went to Sri Lanka to source the purest and best cinnamon. They have now opened a cinnamon factory and cafe, Particle, in Avondale Heights.

Actor/director Damon Gameau’s experiment to reveal the effects of a high sugar diet in That Sugar Film inspired Zac and Cat. They travelled to the source and met cinnamon farmers in Sri Lanka to find out the health benefits of this spice, including enhancing the effects of anti-oxidants.

“People are going cold turkey on refined sugar and are looking for healthier alternatives for sweetness,” says Zac. “Particle Cinnamon is far sweeter and more tastier than any other cinnamon on the market.”


One of the secrets to Particle’s spice is a specially made grinder and the type of spice, an Alba cinnamon, rather than a Cassia cinnamon, selected from a certain – unnamed – plantation in Sri Lanka.

Coffee grinders overheat the oil in cinnamon, taking away the health benefits, Zac says. His special grinder protects the oils and creates a perfect cinnamon particle, hence the cafe’s name, but can only grind 1.5 kg at a time.

Ground cinnamon is added to drinks, including a Mexican hot chocolate, for sweetness and to take away any bitterness from the cocoa.

“The Mexicans have been drinking hot chocolate with cinnamon for hundreds of years,” Zac says.

Cinnamon is also added to coffee and there is a cinnamon tea infusion made using the quills.

Cat, a pastry chef, makes delicious cakes such as a moist carrot cake using the spice, while a simple nut mix becomes a unique experience when dusted in the fine cinnamon particles.


47 Military Road, Avondale Heights

Tuesday – Saturday, 6am – 4pm.


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